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This is a general discussion and fannish community for the Marvel Comics universe. Posts will go up every Wednesday so that the new comics of the week can be discussed. Otherwise, more specific discussions or other fannish creations may be posted for the community as a whole.

At the moment, there are the following rules:
1. Don't be dicks to each other. Anon commenting will be enabled on the weekly discussion posts (though IP logging is on). If anything happens to make me regret that decision, it will be turned off.
2. I'm not going to set any specific limits on what can be posted besides what should be obvious - no hate speech, no bigotry towards others, no harassment. However, please put any content of a disturbing, overtly sexual, or graphically violent nature below a cut.
3. Please request the creation of new tags using the designated sticky post, to keep navigation as easy as possible.
4. Credit your artists and your fanficcers.
5. This last one is more of a guideline, than anything, but please try to keep discussions of the movies to how they relate or compare to the comics. Though even this guideline might be lifted if enough people request as much to that effect.

Thank you and have fun, true believers.
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